The United Canadian and American States provide the political background to Seattle’s mostly-corporate front. Mayors are elected to each of Seattle’s districts (except Outremer) but do not hold any power on corporate property.

Involvement in the Crater

Ares has allowed UCAS to head up the environmental clean up of the crater which they have taken with the utmost seriousness. As soon as the local airbase seismic sensors detected the nuclear detonation, jets were scrambled to contain the hazardous fallout before it could spread to other Seattle locations. As of today, the UCAS maintain a temporary containment HQ near the Ares security base relatively close to the crater. They have sealed off the area with a mana barrier that is both containing and cleansing the soil and air of radioactive fallout. They estimate the area will be made inhabitable in roughly 15 years.

Opinion On Others’ Involvement

UCAS has little public opinion on Ares, Earth First, or the Scavengers. As long as nothing interferes with the magical cleansing, there is little the UCAS government can do without Ares approval.


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