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Welcome to Ares Arcology Number 103!

Current condition: a square kilometer of smoldering ash and nuclear fallout.

Seattle, and indeed the world, remains stunned at the total obliteration of one of its gigantic city-towers. Ares Arcology 103 and it’s hundreds of thousands of residents were reduced to nothing but a radioactive crater one kilometer in diameter when a nuclear blast vaporized the entire facility. The Seattle blogs and message boards are exploding about first nuclear attack on the entire continent since the Awakening without a single video of the event to scrutinize.

Ares remains professional while simultaneously investigating who is responsible for the loss of their multimillion nuyen arcology and the strange anomalies occurring within the A-103 crater. The government, doing the only thing Ares will allow them to do on private property, immediately begin an environmental cleanup of dangerous radioactive fallout. Scavengers looking for secrets buried in the ash look for anything of value while avoiding Ares patrols. And, of course, the ever present Earth First environmental group repeatedly clash with Ares on what to do about the spiritual situation of ground zero.

Who was behind the deaths of so many innocent wage slaves?

What effects have the explosion and resulting fallout had on both the environment of the crater and its spiritual parallel?

Who will win exclusive access to the crater?

Such things can only be decided in the shadows of the crater.

Main Page

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