Laura Legs / KillBunny

Sim Name: Laura Legs

Running Alias: Killbunny/187

SIN name: Shannon O’Conner

Metatype: Elf metavarient(SURGE)

Age: 57

Sex: Female

Ht: 5’11”

Wt: 112 lbs

Skin: alabaster

Eyes: emerald green (hypnoticly so)

Hair: 5th element orange

Karma: 25 1/16 street cred: 2

current karma 7 1/16

Markings/ Tattoos: nano tat face, programs: makeup (47 settings)(laura) and prison quality maori style tribals(killbunny), nanotat stomach, programs: stylized arrow pointing down below belly button(laura), prison quality bunny holding childs head and knife over left ribcage (killbunny)

Description: The most beautiful thing that god has ever graced your eyes with. bright orange hair, dazzeling emerald eyes, moves like a demi-god of fuck. she has a warm inviting smile that shows off her perfect white teeth ind even reaches her eyes. but with all this beauty she is not the least bit stuck up or unaproachable, just loving with a perfect streak of badgirl mischief.

killbunny: kind of a hard looking woman, she is gorgeous, even for an elf, but would be even more so without the prison tats that cover the right side of her face and left ribcage. her eyes are completely black and always seem to have the dark circles of someone who never gets enough sleep. her voice is has the sexy rasp of a 15 year smoker, even though she doesnt look a day over 22. her hair is kept short and messy and she is always changing the color. her force of personality can be overwhelming at times, she is just the type of person you want to like you. she favors revealing black clothes and steampunk goggles. She drives a black hummer.

BACKSTORY: Shannon O’Conner and her twin sister, Jenny, were born in 2013 in the ghettos of belfast, their parents were an american woman and an irish man named Shane and elizabeth O’Conner. shortly after their birth Shane and Liz devoriced for reasons unclear, though from liz’s drunken ramblings years later the girls gathered that good ol’ shane believed the new mutents were demon spawn. Oh, if only he had lived long enough to see his little girls grow up. What angels they became! The girls and their mother moved back to the states when they were only a year old and lived in the wonderful neighborhood of harlem, manhattan. growing up white, and elves to boot was not easy on the girls, who constantly found themselves in fights and worse in their youth. Shannon and Jenny hid their first corpse in 2026 when a local ganger named Billy “badass” Thompson tried to force himself on Jenny. Who knew a skinny little elf like Shannon could swing a toaster so hard? mom walked in while the girls were still taking apart the body for disposal. she did what any loving mother would do, helped. needless to say the family moved shortly after and went to seattle. During the crash of ‘29 Liz was killed in a food related robery and the girls were left to their own devices. Within a week the girls found themselves with no sins, no money, little food, and less shelter. jenny was the smart one, shannon the slick one and within a month the girls were living with a member of a new elf biker gang known as the ancients. Jenny had a knack for figuring machines out and started fixing the gangs bikes for moneyuntil she had earned enough for a control rig in ‘35. Shannon found herself doing oddjobs for several years. often less than moral work, until she made her way into a good corp job a a “secretary” in ‘48. This led to her regaining her SIN. her need for excitement got her fired however when security found her in the breakroom naked with a manager, another secretary, the janiter, and a dwarf named gigantor. oh well, corp life was boring anyway, gigantor knew a guy who knew a guy who could probably use someone “of her talents” to make some nuyen. and thus she got started in the porn industry. her natural beauty and agility led to some popularity over the next several years and she eventually made enough to open a shop with her sister where Jenny could turn some good nuyen fixing drones and cars. this gave jenny a place to practice her passion for the mechanical and Shannon (now going by Laura Legs) a place to hang her hat. over the next ten years Laura’s popularity grew to a point where it was not uncommon to see prostitutes with their images changed to look like her. in ‘61 when haley’s commet was hanging over our atmosphere laura changed. Her eyes turned an electric green, her hair turned bright orange, she began to see heat signitures and her mere presence inspired awe in those around her. the Awakened didnt seem to enjoy her presence as much however as her self serving hedonistic instincts seemed to pollute the mana fields around her. in 2062 she got her first contract with hollywood studios inc. and from there her career skyrocketed. she was soon envited to parties with people she had only ever dreamt of meeting. some less savory than others. it was at one such party that she met her current primary lover, Rowena O’Mally, Don of the irish mob in seattle. thus her secondary career took flight. shadowrunning. Rowena and Laura became closer friends than either of them had ever believed possible. partly because they understood eachother, they are both selfish coldhearted bitches in industries still dominated by men (crime and media). as her ratings went up and the money came in laura continued to improve her body with the latest and greatest cyber out there. it was 2 weeks after the simrig and skillwire surgery that MGM helped fund for an upcoming actiontrid that she was assaulted by some yakuza who had mistaken her for one of their Laura improstinators who evidently had been skimming off the top. she was raped for three days before she got a call out to rowena while the thugs slept. she recorded every aweful moment of it until the 2 orcs with assault rifles, a troll with a monowhip, and 2 dobermans with lmgs kicked in the door and destroyed every yak in the building. the next day Laura released an edited and an unedited version of the trid for rape awareness and made a public statement regarding the disgusting fashion in which the yakuza treat their prostitutes. this was answered with several threats, a black IC hit on her com, and an ambush outside a club several years later when Laura was meeting with a woman she had portrayed in the summer hit “the angry bear”.

ATTRIBUTES natural(augmented)

body: 3 charisma: 7 edge: 4

agility: 6 intuition: 3 essence: 2.35

reaction: 4(7) logic: 3 initiative: 10

strength: 2 willpower: 3 I passes: 3 (total of 4)

positive qualities: elf – low light vision

SURGE 2 [10bp] (glamour [+3 social, not intimidate]/thermovision)

trustfund [10bp]

ambidex [5 bp]

world fame [15bp]

trustworthy [5 bp]

negative qualities:SURGE 2 (extravagent eyes/unusual hair)

SINner [5 bp]

dayjob [10bp] 20 hrs a week

combatmonster[10bp] composure test 2 to break from combat

thrillseaker [5 bp]

vendetta(yak)[5 bp]

astral hazing[10bp] -4 to all magic within 2.35m, +4 black magic

Skills att rtg modifiers totals
artisan i 3 5 8
(acting) c 7 5 +2 spec 14
automatics a 6 5 11
(smgs) a 6 5 +2 spec 13
con(G) c 7 4 +2 trustworthy +3 glamour +3 pheramones 19 +6 fame(laura, not kb) 25
disguise i 3 4 -6 distinctive style 1
+2 tat change 3
+rtg of nanopaste(6) 9
etiquette(G) c 7 4 +3 glam
+3 pher 17
+6 fame (laura not kb) 23
first aid log 3 1 3

gunnery a 6 1 7

infiltration a 6 1 +2 camo 7

leadership (G) c 7 4 +3 glam

+3 pher                17
+6 fame (laura not kb) 23

Negotiation (G) c 7 4 +3 glam

+3 pher
+3 emp soft contacts   20
+6 fame                26

perception i 3 2 +3 vis enhance contcts 8

pilot ground r 4 1 5

pistols (heavy) a 6 1 7

Seattle mobs i 3 4 7

Seattle Gangs i 3 1 4

Sim industry L 2 2 4

Porn industry L 2 2 4

Safehouses i 3 1 4

Korean i 3 2 5

elven i 3 1 4

jap i 3 2 5

contact loy/con disc.

Rowena O’Mally 6/6 irish mob boss, laura’s main lover

Sylva 4/2 troll combat god and a real monster in bed

Jack “softy” Mc’Coy 2/2 fulltime activesoft dealer, parttime lover

Jason “simgod” Sallenger 3/6 spielburg of 2070

Mr J. ares 1/4 ares johnson

Dumpster Mc’Gee ?/? most badass fixer of all time. probably responsible

for the assassination of dunkelzein

Jenny Lynx 5/1 Sister to Laura, decent auto mechanic/armorer, rigger



Shannon O’Conner real SIN drivers license, weapons license smg, ccw, pistol

Karen Lee fake SIN rtg 6 drivers, smg, ccw, prostitution

Ashelee Lancaster fake SIN rtg 6 drivers, smg, pistol, ccw

running gear

disguise kit

5 nano masks rtg 6

4 wigs rtg 6 black spikey, pink spikey, blond long, blue spikey

contact lenses with image link, smrt link, empathy soft III, brown or blue iris or

all black (kb)

Goggles with vid recording, vision enhance III

Quick draw holsters

area jammer V

RFID eraser

duct tape

plassteel cuffs

fuzzy cuffs

head jammer

maglock passkey rtg 5

pick gun

camo poncho +2 infil

cyber ess. cost

data jack 0.1

voice mod 0.2

2nd pattern

syn boosters 1.5

nanotat head

nanotat torso

sim rig .5

skillwires v .5

tailored pher .6

touch link .1

sleep regulator .15

Armor rtg disc.

zoe 2nd skin 4/1 this clear armor leaves nothing to the imagination, nipple

and pelvic covers opacity adjusted via skinlink

form fitting 6/2 custom made armor fits like a body glove but is designed to

be worn under clothing and other armor

biking helmet 1/2 one helmet matches zoe one matches form fit (black)

chem armor 3/5 made by Ares this tactical armor offers protection from

radiation chemicals and bullets, includes helmet with
gasmask, comlink, and HUD


3 frags 4 flashbangs

custom ingram mach100×2 running guns

modifications: custom grip, forarm clamp (acts as folding stock with shockpad), smartgun, aditional extended clip, wireless (skinlink), black and gun metal

dam ap ROF RC ammo conceal mod

4p – sa/fa 6 75/75 +5

ammo mods

explosive ex 150 rds -2 ap/+2 dam

spirit bane 75 rds ?/?

apds 300 rds 4 ap/-

stik n shok 150 rds -1/2i/6stun(e)

ingram smartgunx public guns

modifications: custom grip, custom look 2(silver plated with scrollwork etching gold accents and pearl grip) auto folding stock, gasvent2, auto adjust ub weight, top mounted laser sight (just for looks, the thing is skinlinked), no sound suppress

dam ap ROF RC ammo conceal mod 5p – bf/fa 5/6 32 +4

ammo reg ammo 32 rds stik n shok 32 rds -1/2i/6stun(e)

ares deputy modification: custom grip dam 5p, ap -1, 7 rd cyl,

vehicles ARES HMMWV civic

handeling(+1)accel(20/30)speed(140)pilot(2)body(13)armor(15/16)sensor(2) off road suspension,personal armor(6),additional armor concealed(8),passenger protection(2), anti theft,winch,smuggling compartments, driver and rear gunports, extra exit (roof), drive by wire, chameleon coat

BMW 50/50 monocycle handeling(+3)accel(15/25)speed(100)pilot(1)body(4)armor(2)sensor(1) gridlink override, custom look(matches 2nd skin), antitheft

anti theft does 10stun (e)

lifestyles high with 15.5 k spending middle

current Y 29.5k

Laura Legs / KillBunny

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