Cassandra Rushman

Public Information

Cassandra Ginny Rushman is the lead researcher in Ares’ Ancient Technologies branch in the Seattle area. She is an elf with short, black hair and green, almond eyes taking after mother of korean descent. She took the place of her father, Dr. Godfrey Rushman, after he died of heart complications in 2068 and has since headed up numerous archeological expeditions into the Puyallup Barrens. Cassandra’s position entitles her to exclusive access to Ares company information on Ares historical information and prototype weapons designs that result from her research. She also acts as the “face” of the research department, conducting interviews for the public and convincing certain investors to give money solely to her department in Ares.

Outside of work, the lovely Ms. Rushman stays out of the public eye. Her elven features and charm can turn her from stern and businesslike to aloof and flirtatious at any given time. Employees describe her as “hard working, but understanding” and “one of the best people I’ve ever worked for in Ares.” Some of her female co-managers in other departments tend to think she is “comely” for an elf due to her relatively tomboyish looks in the field and think her snobbish when she doesn’t show up for Ares executive dinners. She rarely attends Ares social functions and fundraiser events at all and spends most of her time doing yet more research in her penthouse home in downtown Seattle.

Private Information

Cassandra Suspects an Ares plot behind the death of her father due to his fervent displeasure with how native sovereign rights were being ignored during early Ares archeological campaigns. Cassandra wasn’t even allowed to see her father’s body before it was rushed off to an Ares’ sanctioned crematory and a condolence card was sent with Damien Knight’s stamped signature. Cassandra appears every bit as loyal to the company on the surface as any other wage slave, but there are rumors circulating in the shadows that she is looking for a way to exact revenge for her father’s death.

Cross references to known aliases also suggest Cassandra might be leaking Ares technological and financial data to info brokers for either her own gain or to go toward funding her revenge schemes. The fact that she was able to remove Ares DRMs and anti-theft databombs from such information also earned her some respect from the Shadowrunning community. She also has eschewed standard Knight Errant security for her own hired bodyguard: Reggie “Ladders” Barnes. Little information is given on this ork.

Whether Cassandra is truly acting on her own interests or simply playing the Shadowrun community for fools is still debated since there is no evidence that she has done anything to undermine or otherwise break Ares’ trust. With few close friends, Cassandra isn’t apt to announce who’s side she’s working on just yet.

Cassandra Rushman

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