Ares Arcology Number 103

Ares Arcology Number 103, abbreviated “Ares A-103”, was your basic, cookie cutter megacorp arcology nestled off of route 16 in Tacoma up until June 17th. It boasted a bustling 432,500 Ares employees and residents going about their daily, drudging lives until a nuclear explosion right next to the base of the tower completely destroyed it. It is currently a smoldering, radioactive crater under the supervision of Ares and is being excavated for the company’s investigation.

The Explosion

Sometime in May or June, a 3 megaton nuclear blast went off no less than ten meters from outside of gate #3 of Ares A-103. The blast completely incinerated the mammoth building and left nothing but a crater in its wake. A government clean up team was immediately scrambled to contain the area and prevent fallout from being blown out across the rest of Seattle. No terrorist or radical groups have claimed responsibility for the explosion and is being investigated by Ares.

In reality, the explosion was a dead man’s trigger set off by a Troll shadowrunner known as Stopsign. Nearing death after failing to protect the man who hired him, Stopsign initiated a small, portable nuclear device on his person to take out the four Shadowrunners opposing him: Bloodbath, Jenny Lynx, (Aaron’s character, who’s name I have completely forgotten – Adam), and Constable There’s a Man Behind you.

The team, having been running missions for the Seolpa were quickly extracted from the arcology before Stopsign’s nuke detonated, barely escaping the explosion. So far, the only ones who know the truth about the Ares explosion are the four surviving runners and the leader of the Seolpa himself, who has graciously agreed to keep such information a secret.

The rest of Seattle has no idea what set off the bomb.

The Crater

The crater is all that remains of Ares A-103, it is a circular bowl of radioactive soil and debris 1 kilometer in diameter intersection the interstate that previously ran by the arcology. Ares has declared anyone not authorized to pass the lip of the crater to be scavengers and to be shot on sight. This includes Earth First activists. The lethal radioactive fallout has been contained by the giant, magically powered dome run by the government with Ares authorization and is steadily being cleansed from the soil with government-backed shamans and mages. As a result of the dome’s powerful signature, commlinks and other wifi transceivers have a hard time penetrating the shell. Communication with other commlinks and devices INSIDE the crater are normal, but when accessing a node outside the dome from within or vice versa, the the signal becomes distorted.

Leaked Ares reports and Earth First propaganda have also detailed strange spiritual anomalies occurring within the crater. Ares has passed these off as harassment and terrorist tactics used by the Earth First group to strengthen their cause to the media and generally threaten Ares employees. The Earth First group has blamed the strange ares on the blast itself, saying the nuclear fallout and intense blast from the explosion caused a disturbance in the spiritual realm. They argue that Ares’ containment and recon protocol does not properly deal with the damaged rift between the planes.

Ares Arcology Number 103

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