Ares is one of the big seven “AAA-rated” mega-corporations as well owner of one of the two biggest private security corps in the world, Knight Errant. The megacorp specializes in security, military hardware, aerospace, entertainment, and automotive industries. It is run by CEO Damien Knight and has a large presence in Seattle, while local manager Chris Dodgeson is running the Ares presence in the crater.

Ares Involvement in the Crater

Ares has stated publicly that it is undergoing an investigation to find out who and what set off the explosion at Ares A-103. They are also extending security patrols into the crater to curb scavengers from “interfering” with this goal and protecting the magical focus towers put in place by the UCAS clean up crew. While this is far from a lie, the corp is privately trying to cover up the newly unearthed subterranean storage facilities that used to reside under their arcology as well as solving the rogue spirits and anomalies that plague the crater in their own corporate way.

Opinions On Others’ Involvement

Aside from the UCAS-sanctified shaman and workers maintaining the clean-up of the crater, Ares considers any trespassing into the crater an act of theft and looting. Scavengers and Earth First affiliates are lumped together as ones who would detract from the Ares investigation and steal company secrets for their own gain. It is of the opinion of Chris Dodgeson that the anomalies within the crater are Earth First terrorist tactics intended to disrupt and divert Ares involvement with the area.


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