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Open Thread “News From the Crater”

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Posted by Matchstick:7/16/72

Jack on and SIM in, net heads, Matchstick has an update on everybody’s favorite radioactive crater: Arc 103.

Ares has been double timing it to keep their formerly underground storage facilities clean of the scavving rats and nosy Earth Firsters, but a team of runners just came across something big and under Ares guard.

Hawkbat and the shaman group Dingifell took a look at that totem that was buried in Joker’s lair and there seemed to be a lot of dormant power laying in the simple foci. The lead shaman Bear With Claw put a runner group together through Dumpster McGee consisting of the beautiful and deadly KillBunny, the trick-shooter Jesse James XII (aheh, sorry Jesse…), the mystic shaman Hawkbat himself, and everyone’s favorite constable Constable There’s a Man Behind You. This totem was seriously old; we’re talking pre-awakening old, so the head shaman needed a bit more intel that was most likely buried within one of the numerous, uncovered storage facilities peppering the crater. The runners were briefed and Constable rounded up some blueprints of Arc103 directly from an Ares security server: hot grab, Constable! We’re waiting for that juicy info to be slapped up with the info-brokers soon.

Unfortunately, Ares was one step ahead of the group with a survey and salvage team already set up before the runners had arrived. Ares Firewatch troopers and elite Shademages gave the team a good workout in the facility as well as Jesse a new hole in his hat and KillBunny a stunball system shock. Ares was obviously not too eager for anyone to find what they were researching regarding the totem.

The information retrieved from the run speaks of Ares’ involvement with biotech research. Apparently, guns and tanks just weren’t filling Damien Knight’s pockets with nuyen fast enough. The project, codenamed Rainmaker, involved a series of archaeological digs around the Seattle and Northern Aztlan areas headed by a scientist by the name of Dr. Godfrey Rushman. Of course, by ‘digs’ I mean smash and grab grave robbing at best, typical Ares style. When the project wasn’t showing promising success, it was scrapped and hidden away in the catacombs of Arc103’s storage facilities.

The specific information on the totem is vague. There’s poor translations about the totem being tied to Shem’Hothep, a spirit or god worshipped centuries ago by the local natives of Seattle. This god was in charge of harvest or crops and the totem was the diving rod that allowed high-ranking shamans to communicate with him. Ares executives weren’t as convinced as the old shamans since their own mages could detect no magical elements about the totem, but something’s dug up their interest now that the Dingifell has “Ares Property”.

If you ask me, that totem’s got something to do with the elemental spooking around the center of the crater. Could this be a possible return of Shem’Hothep? Better get out your rainsticks and your prayer beads, net heads…


@ Still trying to blog in the big leagues, Matchstick? When’s the last time you’ve even been on a run?

@ Snopes

@ Don’t mind him, ‘stick, Snopes has an unnatural fear of things younger than him. Good info from this article, keep it coming.

@ Jack Point

@ With Ares raking in cash over their P.O.T.I.O.s, it’s no wonder they’re trying to grab up as much of their misplaced information as they can. Just goes to show you, folks, always carry multiple back-ups.

@ Splint3r

@ Either way, Ares is playing around with some dangerous mojo… I’m going to be staying out of the crater for a while before Ares causes ANOTHER explosion.

@ Slamm-O

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“the trick-shooter Jesse James XI” ? Matchstick boy…you better check your facts. The name’s Jesse James XII, and my Pa’ couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn compared to me…

...Now how in the hell do I send this? Damn new-fangled technology…

@ JesseJamesXII

More News From the Crater

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