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Dragon Battle

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Open Thread “Dragon Battle”

//upload newsclip item :: user ConstableThere’sAManBehindMe :: 08/10/72//


Posted by Capt@inBeatAss:8/2/72

I don’t feel right even saying what I’m about to say. From what my contacts tell

me and from what I saw with my own eyes it seems that the new “popular” sport is

called Dragon Battle. No person has claimed responsibility, but the sport revolves

around the carnage of our fellow shadow runners and dragons. These are two kinds of

people I don’t usually mess with. All disappear out of no where. I tracked down

Hawkbat using street cameras, but the trail dries up abruptly. I’m going to send a

wizard buddy of mine down there to snoop up some dirt on the astral. Hopefully

any signatures left there at the time of the crime will still be there.

Has anyone worked with anyone else in the trid? As stated I recognize Hawkbat thanks

to the Constable. Let’s work together to put a stop to this. This could seriously

impact our “careers” as shadow runners. If anything this might help put some credit

in your favor during your future relations with dragons. Crap I hate dealing with


//end attachment//

@ Holy shit man. I wouldn’t deal with a dragon let alone kill one. Then

brag about it. Holy shit man!

P.S I recognized Sylva. Holy shit did you see him fight at Dantes Inferno.

Pylon had no chance! BAM. K.O.

@ Pistons

@ I heard Bloodbath was a mad man, but I won’t forget at about 6 seconds in when

he threw a grenade into the bastard! Bloodbath is the fastest thing I’ve ever seen.

P.S.S I recognized the Dragon. His name was Fafnir. He was Lofwyr’s personal

assistant. I have reason to think Lofwyr is going to miss Fafnir : \.

@ Slamm-O

@ Just in case your wondering her is what hit the web eight days ago August 2nd 2072.

/// Begin Audio Visual Transcript///

You see various visual screens viewing a 5X50X? room made of metal. Around the perimeter

are eight doors. Three per two sides and the other have one in the center. Just inside

is a conveyor belt moving in random directions. In the center Is a 30X30×3m platform made

of a stone material etched with runes and sigils. On top a monstrous Western Dragon sits


On the wall a count down timer is projected onto the wall. It sets itself to 20 minutes

and a booming voice says “prepare yourself!!!” You see the dragon’s body start to glow and a

huge spiritual ball of air forms in front of it. The voice says, “Is that all your going

to do to prepare?” The dragons response is terse and to the point. “My name is Dagron

Johnson bitch! Best recognize!”

The clip jumps ahead to 5 seconds till. At zero all the doors open up and random types of

platforms and chains appear connecting or floating near the center stone platform. Without

hesitation people and elementals fly out the doors and start assaulting the dragon and his

air elemental ally. Great cackling bolts of energy fly from the dragon, but after about 9-12

seconds the largest most interesting Troll jumps to the platform and smacks Dagrons face.

The Dragon falls to it’s knees and laughs manically expanding rapidly until it explodes.

During the expansion every creature in the room flees for their lives. Most make it out

the doors they came from, a few a little less lucky…

After the dragon explodes the platform crumbles with the Troll on it. As he falls into the

abyss a scream hits the cameras, “THIS IS NOT THE END FOR SYLVA!” The cameras go blank

and a few seconds later a smiley face pops on screen then fades out followed by text on

screen, “Dagron was a proud one wasn’t he. Too proud to prepare himself properly it seems.

Wait until next week kiddies for Dragon battle 2.” As the text fades out a picture

of a dragon wearing a dress and clown makeup hanging from the ceiling by monofilament


/// End Audio Visual Transcript///

Whoever can capture a dragon is someone to be feared for sure. Don’t go around saying

you saw this. Dragons get a little pissed about things relating to other dragons and

their humiliating downfall. Who the fuck is this guy, the crypt keeper Also, take

note of the size of that elemental. I’ve never seen anything that huge!

@ Jack Point

@ For once I have nothing to say. You win universe. You win “Shakes fist into air”

@ Snopes

@ Yes I most certainly do. And yes, let’s not spread this to the dragon community : ).

They take it so personally. Even to see their most bitter enemies humiliated by such

an inferior species.

@ Lofwyr

@ What the fuck Jackpoint Your dealing with dragons?

@ Snopes

@ Jackpoint is an equal message board. Fuels competition. The word must get out

@ Jackpoint

//uploaded newsclip item :: user ConstableThere’sAManBehindMe :: 08/10/72//



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